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PT. BAHRINDO MAHDI actively recruit skilled manpower for work in various project in locally and internationally .The construction industry nowadays tremendously growing significantly and constructions industry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly advancing sectors in many parts of the regions, especially in Middle East and South East Asia. Firms all over the world are modernizing, applying new technologies and employing more personnel than ever before.

PT. BAHRINDO MAHDI have a large database of Construction personnel whom we recruit through a various locally construction project in Indonesia, and many of them have experience work in construction project in overseas. PT. BAHRINDO MAHDI provides the qualified Indonesian engineer with construction jobs and workers both at national as well as international level. To fill in these requirements, there is a considerable increase in the need of a talented workforce with high degree of specialization and industry experience. We, PT. BAHRINDO MAHDI as Indonesian recruitment agency and Human Resource Consultants act a trustworthy referral agent and enable the recruiters globally have an access to the best candidate for the vacancy.

PT. BAHRINDO MAHDI has sent thousands of workers for construction project in Algeria,North Africa,Middle East,Malaysia and another country south east Asia. We are actively try our best effort to serve our client , and able to service our client to the best of their satisfaction.
•    Project Manager
•    Construction Manager
•    Civil Superintendent
•    Site Civil Engineers
•    Insulation Supervision
•    Project Control and Planning
•    Mechanical Fabricator
•    M/E inspector
•    Cost Estimator
•    Drafter
•    Quantity Surveyor
•    Insulator & Ducting Workers
•    Architect
•    Civil Engineer
•    Store Keeper
•    Structural Metal Workers

•    Finishing Carpenter
•    Shuttering Carpenter
•    Cement Mason
•    Steel Fixer
•    Gypsum Carpenter
•    Heavy Duty Driver
•    Welder GTAW,SMAW
•    Supervisor
•    Plumber and pipe fitter
•    Quantity Surveyor
•    QA & QC Inspector Engineer
•    Site Administration
•    Site Supervisor
•    Interior Designer
•    Tile Fixer
•    Safety Inspector Engineer
We are ready for any enquiries from all level and position in construction project.
Please send your Job requirement to : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.