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PT. BAHRINDO MAHDI , Our main focus is the overseas deployment of skilled Indonesian manpower, develops and delivers training programs for Indonesian constructions workers, healthcare professionals and other skills trades to equip them to compete, thrive and developed in the global workplaces.
Given the statistical reality that the number employment opportunities abroad increase significantly so that many more Indonesian workers are seeking for the opportunities to work in overseas, PT. BAHRINDO MAHDI seized the chance to uplift the standards and qualifications of Indonesian labor to meet the demands and requirement of reputable employers worldwide, and in turn, uplifting the standards of living and well being of the Indonesian worker.

We have mutual cooperation with Authorized training center from Indonesian Government and Authorized Certification institute to guarantee the skill of the Manpower, we have ensured that our training programs address directly the needs and expectations of overseas employers, by consulting with them and designing programs to respond to their stipulations and preferences.

Our staffs are educated, trained and the person who was have enough experience to give the best level of service for customer satisfaction. As professional supplier and manpower recruitment agency, PT. BAHRINDO MAHDI is supported by the expert, trained, educated, experienced and high dedication staff. And all of member have enough experience to give the best level of service for customer satisfaction which being our main priority.

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